D.A.P. Design


From the Founder

What's up! I'm Dexter Adams, a North Carolina based Graphic and Front-End web designer.

I love working with startups and small businesses that have HUGE ideas and auspicious goals. I enjoy nurturing their aspirations and helping them come to life.

Personal Experience: As a former All-American athlete on the collegiate level, an Olympic Trials participant, and US National Medalist in track & field I have had the opportunity of competing against some of the best athletes in the world. That level of excellence and competitive drive is what I've carried over into my creative endeavors as well.

Professional Experience: I have 4+ years of professional experience functioning as lead designer at North Carolina State University, managing and operating several key aspects of their revenue generating website GoPack.com.

The D.A.P. Design portfolio is very diverse in terms of clients, but all of them share one commonality, an open-minded approach to design as it pertains to branding and marketing. I like to work hands on with our clients on every aspect of their project from inception to completion. Whether your project is bootstrapped or you have yet to be funded, we often work with your projects equity in mind. So don't be afraid of what things may cost, just ask!

It is my upmost belief that networking is vital in this world but most importantly on the internet (the virtual world that many of us visit for hours a day). I nurture that aspect of partnership at D.A.P. and like to maintain relationships with clients long after their project is completed.

I am adamant about the importance of effective communication and for that reason am myself easily accessible to all of our clients, no matter the timezone or location.